Season 2013/14 

Season 2006/07 Flags and Trophies

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Registration Fees for Season 2013/2014

Open $175
Under 16/18/20 $155
Under 14/15 $135
Dual Registration $60
Youth Athlete $80
Training Members $50


Note: All registration fees include club membership ($20). Registration period is from April 1st2013 until March 31st 2014.

To join Preston Athletics club, please register with Athletics Victoria

Club Uniform

Singlet $35
Crop Top $35
Club Sports Bag $25


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David Long Secretary  0447900526
Michael Grenade Treasurer  
Shirley Hawkins Registrar  9434 2247

If you have any questions about our club please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us!


Thank you to the following organisations for their generous support of the Preston Athletic Club Inc.


Sargents Cakes

40 Edwards St

Reservoir VIC 3076

9469 2304


Back in Motion

18 High St


9481 1626



Your sponsorship is Important to Us


Preston Athletic Club is a non-profit organisation. Without the help of local businesses, we could not continue to offer our athletes qualified coaches, equipment, trophies and much more.

We appreciate any support your business is able to offer! Monetary donations over $100 will receive regular advertising in our club newsletter,

We would be honoured to have your Company/Business on board as part of the Preston team.

We are open to any suggestions you may have for sponsorship and support, so please feel free to contact us.





Welcome to the family club

The Preston Athletics Club welcomes any person male or female 11 years and over of any standard from beginner to elite athlete, providing opportunities to participate at a variety of levels, including men’s division 1, 2 and 3 and women’s division 1 and 2 and also under 14, 16, and 18 in both men and women. If you wish to compete there is a place suited for you in any of our teams, even on the cheering team. The club will provide you with expert coaching, the equipment required and an exciting social atmosphere - all you require is a pair of running shoes. Whether you wish to become an Olympian or just have fun jogging with friends, your local athletics club can help you.

Why Athletics?

Athletics is a great way to exercise and have fun in a friendly and safe environment. There is something for everyone from walking and running to jumping and throwing. Competition is team based with clubs competing for points each week. So whether you come first or eighth you will still be helping your club to win!

Social Activities 

Whilst athletic training and competition provides its own special rewards we also organize a variety of social events throughout the year. These range from casual BBQ’s to club based events such as the Club Handicap or Presentation Night. Members are encouraged to become actively involved. Involvement makes a great Club.

Club Rules

The Preston Athletic Club Inc rules are available in our download section.

Club History

The Preston Athletic Club began in 1930 as the Preston Northcote Athletic Club. The club was based at the Preston Football Ground. In 1962 the club moved to its present location of Edwardes Lake Park. The Preston – Reservoir Women’s Athletic Club began in 1957 and was based on a grass area in Preston opposite the old PANCH hospital.


In 1986 both the Men’s and Women’s Clubs joined to form the club as it is today. During the 1960’s to the early 1980’s the club was one of the largest in Australia with membership of around 175-200. In 1960 the men won the A grade premiership and both the men and women’s clubs were the best in Australia over many years.


Since the inception of the club at least thirteen members have represented Australia in the Commonwealth and Olympic Games with Lisa Jane Weightman being selected for London 2012 Olympic Games following her selection for Beijing and the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Not only has the club provided many fine athletes it has been responsible for many other prominent members of society.


Currently the club has around 76 members and trains at Edwardes Lake Park and competes at various venues throughout our region and offers an opportunity for any member of the community and of any ability or gender to participate at whatever level they desire.


 agrade.jpg (14200 bytes)

The winning "A"grade team in 1960.



Life Members

Mr. M. Arnold

Mr. D. Bartlett

Mr. L. Bertolacci

Mrs. S. Brenen

Miss. P. Brudenell

Mr. A. Carlton

Mr. P. Carroll

Mr. R. Carroll

Mr. H. Cheeseman

Mrs. N. Craig

Mr. M. Devlin

Mrs. L. Downes

Miss. S. Downes

Mrs. K. Garrard

Mr. A.E. Galagher

Mrs. J. Green

Mr. K.P. Hardman

Miss. S. Hart

Mr. K. Hart

Mr. J. Hawkins

Mrs. S. Hawkins

Mr. T. Hawkins

Mr. S. Jacobs

Mr. R. Jolley

Mr. R. Kellar

Mr. B. Larchin

Mr. H. Larchin

Mr. D. Long

Mr. A. McDonough

Mr. J Neale

Mr. V. Newmark

Mr. P. O’Doherty Jnr

Mr. S. Quinton

Mrs. C. Rendina

Mrs. B. Rorison

Mr. M. Siomou

Mrs. G. Stebbing

Mr. H. Stephenson

Mrs. J. Stephenson

Mr. I Stewart

Mr. C. Thorne

Miss. L. Vann

Mr. R. Villani

Mrs. J. Wakeling

Mr. J. Wakim

Mr. S Wing                                     


Mr. F. Brisevac.                               Miss. J-L. Colley.                         Mr. N. Kane.
Miss. R. Kane.                            Mr. A. Marangon.                     Mr. M. Marangon
Mr. C. Mullins.                            Mr. Darcy Sutton.                     Mr. Dominic Sutton.
Ms. L. Weightman.                     Ms. M. Drew.

Deceased Life Members


Mr. H. Angus

Mr. R. Boxer

Mr. H.H. Brennan

Mr. D. H. Brennan

Mr. G. Bertolacci

Mr. I. Cameron

Mr. E. Devlin

Mr. R. Eaton

Mr. C. Harburn

Mr. J. Lacey

Mr. P. O’Doherty

Mr. D. Wakeling

Mr. H. Wright

Mr. D. Black

Mrs. J. Green.                            Mr. W. Allamby



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