Welcome to the family club where nobody is left out


The Preston Athletics Club welcomes any person male or female 11 years and over of any standard from beginner to elite athlete, providing opportunities to participate at a variety of levels, including men’s division 1, 2 and 3 and women’s division 1 and 2 and also under 14, 16, and 18 in both men and women. If you wish to compete there is a place suited for you in any of our teams, even on the cheering team. The club will provide you with expert coaching, the equipment required and an exciting social atmosphere - all you require is a pair of running shoes. Whether you wish to become an Olympian or just have fun jogging with friends, your local athletics club can help you.

Why Athletics?


Athletics is a great way to exercise and have fun in a friendly and safe environment. There is something for everyone from walking and running to jumping and throwing. Competition is team based with clubs competing for points each week. So whether you come first or eighth you will still be helping your club to win!


Social Activities

Whilst athletic training and competition provides its own special rewards we also organize a variety of social events throughout the year. These range from casual BBQ’s to club based events such as the Club Handicap or Presentation Night.


Members are encouraged to become actively involved. Involvement makes a great Club.

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